Quick round up of overnight results and my exclusive with Dom Inglot

So very quick round up of what happened overnight at the Australian Open. Andy not played yet he will be on soon this morning (08.21 GMT current time of writing).

In the girls singles, Maia Lumsden lost to the 6th seed in straight sets 3-6, 3-6. However in doubles Emily Arbuthnott & Emilie Francati (Francnott) progressed in a tight 3 set match, winning the first set on a tiebreak, before losing the next 2-6. Into the Champions tiebreak and this was very close and ended with a win 10-8.

Now for my exclusive. I would very much like to thank Dom Inglot for taking time out of his Australian Open schedule to chat with me. Rather than copying the whole interview onto the blog, I’m including the link to where you can read it http://tennisatlantic.com/2015/01/24/an-interview-with-british-atp-doubles-pro-dominic-inglot-dominglot-at-the-2015-australian-open/ I would also like to thank Tennis Atlantic for the wonderful opportunity to publish in their magazine.

I will be back later with another blog tonight after the big match.


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